v. t.1.To bend; to cause to become curved; to make crooked; to deflect.
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Available in 3- and 31/2-inch models, the Browning Inflex II pad will tame hard-kicking loads.
The Inflex recoil pad soaks up recoil like an old mop.
It features the MonoLock hinge system, a low-profile receiver design, reverse striker ignition system and Inflex recoil pad with three 0.
Recoil with the birdshot was very mild and this is made possible not only by the relatively fight shells themselves, but also by the very generous Inflex Technology recoil pad, which is part of the buttstock.
The recoil-operated Kinematic Drive system cycles a variety of loads, the Inflex II recoil pad takes the punch out of the heaviest 31/2-inch shells, and the Dura-Touch stock helps you get a better grip on the gun in all kinds of conditions.
A joint venture agreement for setting up a plant for manufacturing of CNG vehicles cylinder between an Argentinean company M/s Inflex Argentoil and POF which has been pending since long.
The participants appreciated the presentation given by the Managing Director and showed their interest in tourism products of Pakistan and tourist inflex to Pakistan.
The word 'open' here means a change in how publication is negotiated between author and publisher and 'access' has an inflex on how the audience can obtain the publication" ("Definition of open access," 2008).
INFlex Lateral Lining Process: A System With Many Options
NEX's mono-layer Inflex films are said to offer superior stiffness and clarity for replacing existing mono-layer and coextruded structures.
Browning's Fire-Lite mechanical trigger isn't dependent on recoil to reset, and the low-profile action directs recoil straight back onto the Inflex recoil pad to soak up kick.
The SXP Field 20-gauge and SXP Field Compact 20-gauge feature a satin finished stock and forearm, alloy receiver in black matte finish and Inflex Technology recoil pad.