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n.1.A pasture or meadow; generally one lying low, near a river.
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Then, as if reproach- ing himself for the longing that he could not repress, he went and kissed the two tousled heads upon the pillow, took down his seldom-used meerschaum, and opened his Plato.
The old man had quite an elaborate theory concern- ing the matter.
I don't believe the telegraph there is work- ing," laughed Professor Bumper.
Well, it was a curious kind of spectacle, and interest- ing.
The June rise used to be always luck for me; because as soon as that rise begins here comes cordwood float- ing down, and pieces of log rafts -- sometimes a dozen logs together; so all you have to do is to catch them and sell them to the wood-yards and the sawmill.
Half an hour later he was disappear- ing behind the Douglas mansion on the summit of Cardiff Hill, and the school-house was hardly dis- tinguishable away off in the valley behind him.
Their backs had been made familiar with the bloody lash, so that they had become callous; mine was yet tender; for while at Baltimore I got few whip- pings, and few slaves could boast of a kinder master and mistress than myself; and the thought of pass- ing out of their hands into those of Master Andrew-- a man who, but a few days before, to give me a sample of his bloody disposition, took my little brother by the throat, threw him on the ground, and with the heel of his boot stamped upon his head till the blood gushed from his nose and ears--was well calculated to make me anxious as to my fate.
You are the first men I've seen coming this way this morn- ing," said the lieutenant.
In the eastern sky there was a yel- low patch like a rug laid for the feet of the com- ing sun; and against it, black and patternlike, loomed the gigantic figure of the colonel on a gigantic horse.
If he had only known how afraid I was of his putting my feel- ing of identity with the other to the test
The old chap had been advertising in the London papers for Harry Hagberd, and offer- ing rewards for any sort of likely information.
One of my hungry and forbearing friends was sound- ing in the bows just below me.