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1. An open fire in a fireplace.
2. A fireplace.

[Perhaps Scottish Gaelic aingeal, fire, light.]


archaic or dialect a fire in a room or a fireplace
[C16: probably from Scottish Gaelic aingeal fire]


(ˈɪŋ gəl)

1. a fire burning in a hearth.
2. a fireplace; hearth.
[1500–10; < Scottish Gaelic aingeal fire]
References in classic literature ?
His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonnily, His clean hearth-stane, his thriftie wifie's smile, The lisping infant prattling on his knee, Does a' his weary carking care beguile, An' makes him quite forget his labour and his toil.
No sign of occult art is to be seen, unless the bundles of dried herbs hanging to the rack and in the ingle and the row of labelled phials on one of the shelves betoken it.
Hace unos dias, leia en Il Corriere della Sera la enesima alarma sobre la amenaza del ingles que ya infecto irremisiblemente al italiano.
El Corte Ingles in return would get 3 million shares of Gottschalks stock and $11.
based Ingles Markets in August, becoming vice president of strategic planning, a new position.
Ingles Markets, Incorporated (NASDAQ: IMKTA) announced today the new store in Mills River, N.
A lo largo y ancho del Condado de Harris se ofrecen clases de ingles como segunda lengua (ESL, por sus siglas en ingles), clases para obtener la equivalencia de la secundaria(GED) y tambien para obtener la ciudadania.
Gottschalks announced Monday it had signed a nonbinding letter of intent to form a ``strategic alliance'' in the western United States with El Corte Ingles S.
Recientemente fue muy interesante ver que ustedes tambien usan palabras en ingles.
In conjunction with its supermarket operations, the Company also operates 70 neighborhood shopping centers, all but 12 of which contain an Ingles supermarket.
Ustedes estan en contra de la educacion bilingue y han sugerido que lo mejor es que los ninos entren a clases en ingles y que los papas vayan a ingles intensivo.