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 (ăN′grə), Jean Auguste Dominique 1780-1867.
French painter and leader of the French classical school who is remembered for his historical and mythological works.


(French ɛ̃ɡrə)
(Biography) Jean Auguste Dominique (ʒɑ̃ oɡyst dɔminik). 1780–1867, French classical painter, noted for his draughtsmanship


(ˈɛ̃ grə)

Jean Auguste Dominique, (ʒɑ̃) 1780–1867, French painter.
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Noun1.Ingres - French classical painter (1780-1867)Ingres - French classical painter (1780-1867)
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Computer Associates International Inc (CA) has introduced Ingres II v2.
eBusiness solutions provider, has announced that Seiko Precision, a global innovator in the manufacturing of information and engineering products, has selected CA's Ingres II relational DBMS to support its ground-breaking, Linux-based building facilities management system, BUILTALK-LX.
0, and has also announced Ingres II Linux Edition, Linux-compatible version of CA's Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
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As a member, Network Appliance will deploy its CA-certified network attached storage-based database appliance solutions, known as "filers," for use in CA Ingres II database environments.
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