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Noun1.Ingrian - a member of western Finnish people formerly living in the Baltic province where Saint Petersburg was built
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, Soviet Russia, Russia - formerly the largest Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR occupying eastern Europe and northern Asia
Russian - a native or inhabitant of Russia
2.Ingrian - a Finnic language spoken by the Ingrian
Baltic-Finnic - a group of Finnic languages including Finnish and Estonian
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In his description of the Ingrian language, Laanest (HaaHecT 1978 : 224-226) lists the Lower Luga comitative [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and terminative (s)sa among other morphological cases.
The strategic acquisition of 12 companies including Rainbow Technologies, SafeNet's entry into the HSM, authentication, and software protection markets; Ingrian Networks, broadening SafeNet's data encryption and encryption key management portfolio; Aladdin Knowledge Systems, doubling the size of SafeNet's software monetization business; and most recently Cryptocard, which brought the company's award-winning authentication business into the cloud.
Companies such as Decru, NeoScale (acquired by NetApp in 2005), Vormetric, Kasten Chase and Ingrian Networks have all developed unique software and/or hardware solutions to help protect against hackers and other attackers.
Data privacy solutions supplier Ingrian Networks Inc has launched a data security product for use with Oracle databases.
Application security solutions provider Ingrian Networks has begun offering a new security solution for web-based applications and data.
Ingrian Networks has announced a new software product for its secure networking platforms, called the Ingrian Compression Service Engine.
Digital Signature Trust, F5 Networks, Ingrian Networks, Protocom Development Systems, Resilience, TecSec Inc.
a leading specialist in identity verification and security services, acquired by PGP (SYMC) in 2010; president, chairman, and CEO of encryption vendor Ingrian Networks, acquired by SafeNet; president and CEO of Xedia Corporation, acquired by Lucent; and chairman, president, and CEO of Raptor Systems (RAPT), which merged with Axent Technologies and subsequently was acquired by Symantec.
Alongside with the North Estonian, South Estonian and Livonian languages, Soikkola Ingrian is one of the most complicated and peculiar dialects for its gemination and strengthening phenomena and their co-occurrence within the paradigm.
Ingrian Networks, an e-transaction privacy provider, has launched its Access Control Service Engine for protecting electronic transactions.
Prior to Bluecoat, Truman built his enterprise focus, developing infrastructure and security based solutions at SynOptics (where he was a founding engineer), Bay Networks and Ingrian Networks.
Ingrian Finnish relative clauses allow a syntactic effect known as inverse attraction (or else attractio inversa, hereafter IA).