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A privately owned parcel of land within the boundaries of a federal preserve, especially within a national park or national seashore.

in′hold′er n.


(Law) property law a piece of privately owned land inside a federal reserve such as a national park


(ˈɪnˌhoʊl dɪŋ)

a tract of land under private ownership within a national park.
[1970–75; Amer.]
in′hold`er, n.
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Inholdings may be identified by tract boundary and tract number in addition to all of the information found on a Status Map.
Some hunters also use the trail system to access small pieces of private inholdings, with rustic cabins.
Since it was founded in 1992, the non-profit organization has preserved 409 parcels comprised of more than 41,000 acres of wilderness inholdings in 90 designated and proposed wilderness areas.
This concept arises out of a discussion regarding the confusion caused by the presence of private land holdings scattered across the Mojave Preserve, which "between the State and the private inholdings, [is] about 10 percent of the total area.
They are more common in the western counties and frequently are small inholdings within national forests.
the nation's largest producer of cane sugar, has agreed to sell 300 square miles of private inholdings within the Everglades to the state of Florida in order to help bring the famed "river of grass" back to life.
No one is more familiar with that pressure than the staff at Valley Forge, which now waits to learn the outcome of a lawsuit that NPCA filed to stop the planned construction of a conference center, hotel, and museum in one of the park's largest remaining inholdings.
Under the Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act (FLTFA), revenue raised from selling BLM lands is available to the agencies, primarily to acquire nonfederal land within the boundaries of land they already own--known as inholdings, which can create significant land management problems.
I enjoyed reading the article on the Rogue River and the history of the boats that have jetted upriver to deliver mail to inholdings, lodges and miners' cabins for quite some time (Register-Guard, July 29).
Additional funding for land acquisition also is critical for the BLM to fend off encroaching residential and commercial development of private inholdings, and to create buffer zones around its most special ecosystems.
Many of the things that we dealt with included interactions with the federal government," she says, citing land issues such as state and private inholdings.
18) The Forest Service estimates that there are nearly 460,000 acres of inholdings (pockets of private land surrounded by public land) within its wilderness areas and national forests.