v. t.1.To ally, or form an alliance with; to unite; to combine.
[imp. & p. p. Inleagued ; p. pr. & vb. n. Inleaguing .]
With a willingness inleague our blood
With his, for purchase of full growth in friendship.
- Ford.
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It would last until they win the "It would last until they win the league and get going inleague and get going in the Champions League qualifiers.
He added: "He has been out on loan inLeague One and is ready for the Championship.
Steve Bruce was in the Blues team on that occasion5) The teams first met inLeague action on November 10, 1894, with Albion claiming a 4-1 home victory6) The first meeting between the clubs took place exactly 119 years ago tomorrow on March 6 1886 when Blues were still known as Small Heath.
RYAN TAYLOR: Believes cup form can help team-mates inLeague battles ahead