Inner Light

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Inner Light

In Quaker doctrine, a divine presence in the human soul believed to be an enlightening and guiding force.

Inner Light


Inner Word

(Christian Churches, other) Quakerism the presence and inner working of God in the soul acting as a guiding spirit that is superior even to Scripture and unites man to Christ

In′ner Light′

(in Quakerism) the light of God in the soul of every person, considered as a guiding force.
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Noun1.Inner Light - a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soulInner Light - a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul
ethical motive, ethics, morals, morality - motivation based on ideas of right and wrong
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They brightened softly with an inner light of their own as they slowly approached the open space before the door.
And then, all in a moment, a flash of inner light seemed to illumine a part of my life that had all but faded into oblivion--the strange visions I had experienced during my journey to Elveston: and with a thrill of delight I thought "Those visions are destined to be linked with my waking life
The kitchen door opened and Marilla's spare form darkened against the inner light.
In a few moments the voices were silent, and there was no sound of footstep, and the inner light went out.
And the dark face, that so troubled Clifford, was no more than the shadow thrown from a branch of one of the damson-trees, and breaking the inner light of Maule's well.
Next moment something appeared to burst open before him: a wonderful inner light illuminated his soul.
She caught me by both hands--she pressed them with the strong, steady grasp of a man--her dark eyes glittered--her brown complexion flushed deep--the force and energy of her face glowed and grew beautiful with the pure inner light of her generosity and her pity.
The steady inner light that he had seen in them once already shone in them again, brighter and purer than before.
Alice McCall will guide attendees to integrate sound, light, energy, and transformative breathwork to activate the inner light body.
Diyas (clay pots) are lit to signify victory of good versus evil within a person, also known as 'the awareness of the inner light,' another interpretation of Diwali.
It was the fading of that inner light with its certainty and radiant aliveness that after more than twenty years had passed moved Kull now an Interdisciplinary Studies PhD student over forty years of age with a prosthetic right leg to seek another wilderness experience.
Rudy Giuliani can play a little rough at times, but there are moments when an inner light turns on and he turns downright idealistic.