Inner plate

(Arch.) the wall plate which lies nearest to the center of the roof, in a double-plated roof.

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Finally, I ask you to look at the inner plate, which contains the key-hole.
And Description Boards With Inner Plate And Hinge With Stickers Size As Mentioned In The Drawing Attachment .
Further strengthening to the hull is via a stainless steel inner plate and carbon grid, which should make the Sly 43 a stiff boat for both coastal and offshore racing and passage making.
The main design feature is the patented, integral metatarsal protector: a lightweight, flexible inner plate that protects the wearer's fragile metatarsal bones from impact.
The ramp door inner plate should be PN 12334342 and NSN 9515-01-206-3888.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Items Pinion, Resistence Cover, Lock Ring, Carbon Brushes Holder, Rotor W/O Carrier, Inner Plate, Outer Plate.
3 The Two Stands/Pillars Are To Be Fixed Suitably On Inner Plate Of 6 Mm Covered With Velvet Cloth So That The Medal May Not Be Displaced Due To Jerk Or Capsize Condition Of The Box.
Equipped with a clamp to regulate the flow, contrasting line under fluoroscopy, three parts, silicone and silicone inner plate inner plate to attach the tube to the abdominal wall.
Compared to a standard microwave oven, the internal dimensions are larger and the 380mm inner plate is wider, creating an impressive 35 litre capacity.
Equipped with a clamp to regulate the flow, contrasting line in the rays of X-ray, tricuspid, silicone and silicone inner plate plate to attach the inner tube to the abdominal wall.
The company says it can now supply IML systems for up to 8 + 8 stack molds with label insertion on the inner plates and allowing for outside gating.