Inner square

(Carp.) the angle formed by the inner edges of a carpenter's square.

See also: Inner

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The contract includes, Inter alia: Protection of persons and property located on the property, Keeping a service book and a record book of keys, Performing ordered cleaning works such as: Mowing the grass, Pruning the branches of the bushes, Cleaning the access road and the inner square, Collecting rubbish and keeping the facility clean, In winter - removing snow from the access road and inside and sprinkling it with salt and sand, Equipment for mowing, Sweeping, Clearing snow and salt and sand is provided by the contractor, Performing other cleaning and order work ordered by an authorized representative of the employer.
The many legged green horrors now formed the inner square, the reds the outer.
A large inner square will offer a public realm experience, with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and other venues that will be open to the community.
An inner square (52 x 52 x 18 meters) composed of steel and glass forms the heart of the museum, which contains more than 3,500 sq.
a) Inner tube b) Inner circle c) Inner square By Telephone: Call 0901 154 4101 and follow the instructions By Text: Text BM2 followed by a space and your answer, your name, address and postcode to 84080 (eg: BM2 A John Smith 123 Sample Street B1 1FP) By Email: Email your entry to bmentry@mrn.
Test 2 was similar to Test 1 except that the inner square in each quadrant was green.
I mean you can see the square of the reactor building, you can see the inner square of the reactor hall where the actual reactor goes, and if you measure the dimensions of the building it matches up exactly to the second and the third reactors," Fox News quoted Brannon, as saying, looking at the images.
If the inner square is darker than the outer circle, the vaccine is long past the discard point and is not used.
Aura offers styling at the top and bottom of the mirror, with 2 thin white stripes, whilst Dione presents a thin white inner square, giving it a wider appearance.
Or try Six-Men's-Morris, with a Nine-Men's board that lacks the inner square (or the outer square).
Spread the pesto evenly over the inner square of the pastry.
Four pillars integral to the architecture of the building defined an inner square on the stage and provided structure to the play itself, acting as markers for continuity across key scenes.