Innocent VIII

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Noun1.Innocent VIII - Italian pope from 1484 to 1492 who was known as a nepotist and was attacked by Savonarola for his worldliness (1432-1492)
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From August 11, 1492, when Borgia was elevated from the position of Papal Vice-Chancellor and Spanish Cardinal of Valencia into the Papal throne that was left empty by the death of Innocent VIII, he led a colourful life -- full of political intrigue, diplomacy and deceit.
2] In 1477, the Sforza alliance strategy had Caterina, at the age of fourteen, marry Girolamo Riario, a nephew of the presiding Pope, Sixtus IV> Sforza joined her husband in Rome where they remained until the Pope's death in 1484 when Riario was reinvested as vicar of the Church for the Romagnole towns of Imola and Forli by the newly-elected Innocent VIII.
of Taddeo McCarthy (1455-1492), who died on his journey from Rome back to Ireland after being wrongly excommunicated then rehabilitated by Pope Innocent VIII
These two, their terra cotta glazed, valiantly hold up the coat of arms of Pope Innocent VIII so we can step through the entryway beneath the protection of their wings.