Innocent party

(Law) a party who has not notice of a fact tainting a litigated transaction with illegality.

See also: Innocent

References in classic literature ?
The young ladies did not drink it; Osborne did not like it; and the consequence was that Jos, that fat gourmand, drank up the whole contents of the bowl; and the consequence of his drinking up the whole contents of the bowl was a liveliness which at first was astonishing, and then became almost painful; for he talked and laughed so loud as to bring scores of listeners round the box, much to the confusion of the innocent party within it; and, volunteering to sing a song (which he did in that maudlin high key peculiar to gentlemen in an inebriated state), he almost drew away the audience who were gathered round the musicians in the gilt scollop-shell, and received from his hearers a great deal of applause.
Any act that aims to breach the contract has consequences since the innocent party suffers loss and damage for which he is entitled to be compensated.
Steve Bruce argued Fredericks was no innocent party in the incident but admitted his 19-goal top scorer had been petulant.
There was one incident when I was the innocent party - it's true, M'lud.
Officers from Council, who innocent party are receiving about it but it they're not cooperation " Clr Bolt believes it used to be open to the Calder.
The criminals glean personal information from social media and hack into private systems to get details such as a person's name, date of birth, address and name of their bank, and then can apply for a loan or buy a product in their name, leaving the innocent party to foot the bill.
When an impaired driver causes a collision and is killed, allow an innocent party or the family impacted to sue for pain and suffering or bereavement damages (No Fault, Reduced No Fault and Tort coverage).
They noted the killers of BB and innocent party workers in Karachi will be booked soon when the PPPP will take over power.
It is never right to take your sexual frustrations out on an innocent party.
It seems to be a case of guilty until reprieved for lack of evidence, which leaves the innocent party living under suspicion.
He said these innocent Party workers carried no weapons or batons during their struggle for democracy yet they were targeted by roaring guns of the dictator Zia and embraced Shahadat for the cause of the nation and democratic order.
INNOCENT Opposition to the new proposals centres on the fact an innocent party could be punished.