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9,10) However, according to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, manufacturers of containers marketed for infant feeding have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products do not represent hazards to human health, (11) although, as opposed to food packaging, the chemical innocuity of these containers is not systematically evaluated and approved by Health Canada.
Compared with traditional nucleating agents of iPP, these PNAs posses many excellent qualities (such as low price, innocuity, and ease of processing), anticipating an attractive commercial future.
In other studies, it has been difficult to establish a point of equilibrium between efficacy of the antimicrobial agent and innocuity for the insect (Singh & House 1970; Burkholder et al.
Thus, in view of the innocuity of silymarin, it might be advisable in future clinical studies to insure the controlled administration of sufficient amounts of silymarin.
A sum of Rs 11 million was also approved for project development and comparison of innocuity and potentiating effect of three oil adjuvant in vaccine of Pasteurella multocida in buffalo/ cattle.
In a dramatic letter to former Chancellor Hutchins, Rosenthal confirmed Kimpton's estimation of the forthcoming issue: "I do not at this point see how I can publish an issue with the criterion of innocuity.
A recombinant vaccinia-rabies virus in the immuno-compromised host: oral innocuity, progressive parenteral infection, and therapeutics.
The innocuity of the lactococci also makes them suitable for the oral delivery of molecules which have been shown in studies in various laboratories to possess the capacity of down-regulating established immune responses.
Altogether, these human infections indicate that attenuation for animals does not necessarily mean innocuity for humans and that biological safety measures must be followed in each case.