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n. pl. Innu also In·nus
A member of an Algonquian people comprising the Montagnais and Naskapi.

[Montagnais and Naskapi, people.]


1. (Peoples) a member of an Algonquian people living in Labrador and northern Quebec
2. (Languages) the Algonquian language of this people
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Thats why the Government of Canada is investing more than $736,000 in the Innu Business Development Centre (IBDC) to enable the Centre to continue providing business services to its members in the communities of Sheshatshiu and Natuashish and throughout the province.
During hearings by the Canadian National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Innu women revealed that Oblate Fr.
Through readings of a wide range of northeastern texts (including Puritan captivity narratives, Wabanaki wampum belts, and contemporary Innu poetry) "The Homing Place" deftly explores how colonized and Indigenous environments occupy the same given geographical coordinates even while existing in distinct epistemological worlds.
It entered into an Impact and Benefits Agreement with the Innu people of Uashat mak Maniutenam.
So Bangladesh and China now enjoy a very strong three-dimensional relationships that are people-to-people, state-to-state and government-to-government," Innu added.
Readers of all ages will appreciate the glossary, which defines Innu vocabulary, at the back of the book.
While on the lam, Maia and Billy encounter so many different types of people--students on a gray tree frog expedition (one of whom is a witch), teen lesbians in the public library, and the crabbing/lobster family from the Innu Reserve--that the story loses traction more than once.
Examining Innu mobilization against low-altitude military flights, Whitney Lackenbauer argues although their direct action failed to address community environmental concerns or advance Indigenous territorial control, it nonetheless fostered a sense of common struggle.
Partnering with Innu Service, the company introduce a "cradle to cradle" sustainability cleaning programme.
Allah Ditta son of Sher Muhammad Kharl alongwith his two female members of his family of Chah Innu village was on way to nearby village on an "applied for" bike and when he reached near Jhang Branch canal (Kaleke) three armed bandits intercepted him and snatched away gold ornaments, bike and Rs.
This paper examines the effect of Inuit and Innu women's participation in environmental assessment (EA) processes on EA recommendations, impact benefit agreement (IBA) negotiations, and women's employment experiences at Voisey's Bay Mine, Labrador.
The environments profiled range from seacoast (the Maori of Ngai Tahu, the Irish of Antrim Glens) to snow (the Finns of Karelia, the Innu of Labrador) to swamp (the Botswana of Okavango, the Cajuns of Louisiana) to edge farming (the English of East Anglia's marshes, the Amish of Ohio's suburbs).