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(Peoples) a variant spelling of Inuit


or In•nu•it

(ˈɪn u ɪt, -yu-)

n., pl. -its, (esp. collectively) -it.
a. a member of any of the Eskimo groups inhabiting an area extending from Greenland to W arctic Canada.
2. Also called In′uit-Inu′piaq. the speech of all the Eskimo groups from Greenland to NW Alaska.
[1755–65; < Inuit: people, pl. of inuk person]
usage: See Eskimo, Indian.
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IF I were to write a thrice weekly letter to the Mail on the habits of baboons or Innuit kayaks, on the inside leg measurements of Matabele tribe dressers, cloud formations in Patagonia or the Fairisle sock knitters of the Shetlands, would the Mail keep on publishing them?
The last chapter in Reservation Reelism turns to Innuit director Zacharias Kunuk's Atarnajuat (The Fast Runner, 2000) to show what happens when indigenous people can--and do--look at the camera, and sometimes laugh at it.
There's also a marathon between the Innuit community of Arctic Bay and the mining camp at Nanasivik on the northwestern corner of Baffin Island in Canada's Arctic.
If an Innuit from Nunavut and a Panamanian from Panama City were visiting someone in a moderate temperature zone like San Francisco in July, the San Franciscan with an extensional orientation might use language that can be gauged instead of evaluative language to get an idea across to both visitors.
29) "Nos autem de physicis decimals esse scientiam et demonstrationem, cum habeant physica subiectum et passiones et principia, per quae passio de subiecto probatur; aliter enim non esset intelligere et scire in ipsa, quod est circa omnes scientias, quod tamen innuit Aristoteles esse in physica.
Dyna i chi'r gyfres gyda Bruce Parry a'i deithiau i'r Arctig i olrhain hanes pobl fel yr Innuit sydd --'u traddodiadau mewn perygl o ddiflannu.