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n.1.(Paleon.) An extinct genus of large, fossil, bivalve shells, allied to the mussels. The genus is characteristic of the Cretaceous period.
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They consist of Krosno beds, Cergowa Sandstone, Inoceramus beds and Variegated Shales (Burtan et al.
Invertebrate fossil remains from this section and nearby sections include the ammonite Pseudpulchelliaflexicostata (Imlay) and pelecypods Inoceramus anglicus Woods and Arctica sp.
The eastern Horseshoe section yielded Inoceramus anglicus, a bivalve interpreted to range from middle to late Albian; this species is moderately common in the lower Nanushuk Formation in northern Alaska and has also been reported from the Killik Bend section (Imlay, 1961).
The Eze-Aku shale is dark-grey to black, calcareous, platy and thinly laminated with inoceramus moulds between the laminae and alternates with marl units to form cyclotherms.
Polystrata alba (Pfender) y fragmentos de rudistas, braquiopodos, Inoceramus, Microcodium, serpulidos y espinas de erizos.
La Hondita, luego de las correcciones por los plegamientos y las fallas, es de unos 50 m; el contenido fosilifero se restringe a ocasionales moldes de Inoceramus ssp.
Carbonate contents (mainly calcite) identified in this zone range from 20-30 %, which is a common value in the zone Xd ("resounding inoceramus calcareous sandstones") in other places of the basin.
Eze-Aku shale is dark-grey to black, calcareous, platy and thinly laminated shale with Inoceramus impressions between the laminae.
escrita, 1998), en la muestra se encuentran fragmentos de Inoceramus sp.
Ademas, se caracterizan por presentar multiples estructuras de carga y fragmentos de hasta 40 cm de largo de Inoceramus.