a.1.Not official; not having official sanction or authority; unofficial; not according to the forms or ceremony of official business; as, inofficial intelligence.
Pinckney and Marshall would not make inofficial visits to discuss official business.
- Pickering.
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In order to obtain more inofficial views and insights, interviews were conducted with several stakeholders.
Other, inofficial regimes add to the fluidity of social order: international business and media tycoons and even the criminal underworld have turned Hong Kong into a thoroughly spectralized community.
7 per cent of the Zambian youth continues to have no access to both official and inofficial financial services and products.
We are very worried by the inofficial visit of the Turkish Vice-PM in Bulgaria, given that no information was released regarding who invited him," said Siderov Monday.
Another simplification strategy found in ELF appears to be "use the negative prefix of your choice": ELFA and VOICE include, among others, disbenefits, discrease, injust, inofficial, intransparency, uncapable, undirectly, unpossible, unrespect and unsecure.
An inofficial 2-agents-coalition forms, despite of the fact that the grand coalition "officially" exists and is stable.
Artist Curtis Jobling - he of Bob the Builder fame - uses the cafe as his inofficial office - often creating his days away in the gallery upstairs.