insanity defense

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insanity de·fense

n. defensa por demencia.
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Third, there is no generic partial responsibility doctrine, a type of lesser insanity defense, applicable at trial, that would allow a less than fully normal but legally sane defendant at least to mitigate guilt and punishment.
But the largest study of the insanity defense to date indicates that insanity pleas rarely involve people diagnosed with PTSD.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Drug Abuse, and the Insanity Defense
On the one hand, we have a federal prosecuting attorney who wants Loughner to be medicated so the government may bring him to trial and debunk a likely insanity defense.
Her lawyer said she still intends to raise an insanity defense.
The attorney for a 21-year-old man accused of trying to kill a woman in her west Eugene home during a alleged burglary earlier this year is seeking an insanity defense for his client, according to a notice filed in Lane County Circuit Court.
Holmes, 25, who initially pleaded not guilty in March, had to formally request to change his plea so his lawyers can use an insanity defense at his trial.
Washington, July 23 ( ANI ): 'Dark Knight' massacre suspect James Holmes will try to dodge the death penalty with a desperation insanity defense, but is likely to fail, legal experts have said.
The availability of the settled insanity defense varies by jurisdiction, and the wording of documents such as statutes and jury instructions suggests it remains a gray area in the legal world, he said.
Two unusual events, however, have positive life-altering consequences: he begins to give cello lessons to a young Korean boy whose natural talents and single-mindedly aggressive but well-meaning mother mirror and force him to confront the elements that shaped his own unnatural childhood; and, he is selected to sit as a juror on a homicide case in which there's an insanity defense.
Over the next year, he shaped an insanity defense that has entered legal annals as one of the finest courtroom performances of modern time.