Inspector Maigret

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Noun1.Inspector Maigret - a fictional detective in novels by Georges Simenon
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4 GEORGES SIMENON'S INSPECTOR MAIGRET MYSTERIES Penguin Classics has begun reissuing Simenon's seventy-five Maigret novels.
are two box sets showcasing episodes of the French film series featuring Parisian Inspector Maigret, superbly played by actor Bruno Cremer.
Based on a book by the creator of Inspector Maigret, Georges Simenon, this French film grips as a mystery-thriller, but it's really a psychological study of its central character.
Simenon is best known for his creation Inspector Maigret, the star of 84 of the author's 220 novels.
If Britain is interesting because of political psychodramas, France is welcome as a childhood dream where Inspector Maigret pursues Zazie, to the chansons of Juliette Greco, with lyrics by Sartre.
An official inquiry into the suicide has begun at 36 Quai des Orfevres, headquarters of fictional detective Inspector Maigret.
STUDENTS at Cardiff University can now tell at a glance if their accent is more Inspector Clouseau than Inspector Maigret.

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