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v. in·struct·ed, in·struct·ing, in·structs
1. To give orders to; direct: instructed the children to hang up their coats.
2. To provide with knowledge; to train or inform: instructed the students in algebra. See Synonyms at teach.
To serve as an instructor.

[Middle English instructen, from Latin īnstruere, īnstrūct-, to prepare, instruct : in-, on; see in-2 + struere, to build; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]
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Provided with information; made aware:
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My mistress, who had kindly commenced to instruct me, had, in compliance with the advice and direc- tion of her husband, not only ceased to instruct, but had set her face against my being instructed by any one else.
We made no long stay in a place where they stopped their ears against the voice of God, but returned to the foot of that mountain which we had left some days before; we were surrounded, as soon as we began to preach, with a multitude of auditors, who came either in expectation of being instructed, or from a desire of gratifying their curiosity, and God bestowed such a blessing upon our apostolical labours that the whole village was converted in a short time.
When we were weary with speaking, we placed in ranks those who were sufficiently instructed, and passing through them with great vessels of water, baptised them according to the form prescribed by the Church.
A trustworthy person, whom I have myself instructed, will start for Allonby to-day, and as soon as I receive any news from him, you shall hear of it by special messenger.
No, no, people are not so soon well of such contusions; but, sir, I am not at this time of day to be instructed in my operations by a patient, and I insist on making a revulsion before I dress you.
There is also one sort of knowledge proper for a master, another for a slave; the slave's is of the nature of that which was taught by a slave at Syracuse; for he for a stipulated sum instructed the boys in all the business of a household slave, of which there are various sorts to be learnt, as the art of cookery, and other such-like services, of which some are allotted to some, and others to others; some employments being more honourable, others more necessary; according to the proverb, "One slave excels another, one master excels another:" in such-like things the knowledge of a slave consists.
But Oedipus, instructed by an oracle that he had reached his final resting-place, refuses to stir, and the stranger consents to go and consult the Elders of Colonus (the Chorus of the Play).
She was a very sharp-witted and well- instructed lady, and was so conscious of her own wisdom and abilities that she thought it a pity that the world should not have the benefit of them.
But there is another point which we failed to observe, and in which Gorgias has never instructed Meno, nor Prodicus Socrates.
The child, for example, who has been instructed in the elements of arithmetic, and has made a particular addition, according to rule, may be assured that he has found, with respect to the sum of the numbers before him, and that in this instance is within the reach of human genius.
NAWABSHAH -- The commissioner Shaheed Benazirabad division, Ghulam Mustafa Phull has instructed to expedite the compilation of burnt revenue record and its verification under the orders of Supreme Court.
Former president Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday took notice of murder of a youth Ahmed Shah from Bajaur in Karachi and has instructed Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah to submit a report after completion of inquiry into the murder.