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A slender tubular instrument with a small light on the end for inspection of the interior of the bronchi.

bron′cho·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
bron·chos′co·pist (brŏn-kŏs′kə-pĭst, brŏng-) n.
bron·chos′co·py (-kə-pē) n.


n. broncoscopía, examen del árbol bronquial por medio del broncoscopio.


n (pl -pies) broncoscopia
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Notable decliners by the break comprised pharmaceuticals, warehousing and precision instrument-related stocks.
At the same time, he said, Agilent continued to improve its signal analyzers to measure complex signals quickly without instrument-related impairments.
Many instrument-related deals involve small editions (typically in hundreds or thousands of units, although some artists have many editions over time), with products premium-priced and largely promotional or collectible in nature.
Although it is difficult to prevent a musician from developing an instrument-related allergy, awareness of musicians increased risk may lead to early diagnosis and improved treatment, BBC reported.
All articles were evaluated utilizing a 26-point content rubric created by the author to assess instrument-related information published in health education literature.
In both cases, the analytical instrument-related portion of the businesses appears to be receiving increased attention as part of smaller companies under private equity ownership.
If charges have to be set for certain Part A or Part B tests (whether manual or automated), ICAT can be used to identify actual reagent and supply costs, Labor costs, instrument-related costs, and indirect costs.
The Performer CPB also incorporates data management functions to capture, display, store and transmit all key instrument-related perfusion parameters throughout an entire operation.
Among the analytical instrument-related firms exhibiting were AMETEK Process Instruments, Applikon Analyzers (a Metrohm company), Cole-Parmer, COSA Instrument, Extrel CMS, Hach (a Danaher company), Applied Instrument Technologies, Horiba, Mettler-Toledo Ingold, PAC (part of Roper Indutries), Spectro Analytical (part of AMETEK) and Thermo Electron.
These techniques cover labor, materials, and instrument-related costs directly tied to test production.
The utilization of Fincad with FDM creates an optimal software solution that supports virtually any financial instrument-related problem likely to be encountered in a bank, corporate treasury, asset management desk or brokerage dealing room.
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