developmental disability

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developmental disability

A physical, cognitive, or emotional impairment, often caused by a neurodevelopmental disorder such as cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorder, that appears early in life and limits a person's ability to learn, communicate, or perform one or more activities of daily life.

developmen′tal disabil′ity

a disability, as cerebral palsy or mental retardation, that begins at birth or at an early age and hinders or delays normal development.
developmen′tally disa′bled, adj.

de·vel·op·men·tal dis·a·bil·ity

n. inhabilidades de desarrollo o pérdida de una función adquirida debido a causas congénitas o post natales, tales como la adquisición del lenguaje o la habilidad motora o social.
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Special Olympics Oman (SOO) has launched the first development programme, known as the Leadership Academy, for athletes and individuals with intellectual disabilities.
The year also saw Special Olympics Oman sign over 16 Memorandums of Understanding with private and public sector entities to help realize the association's mandate to educate and communicate the value of people with intellectual disabilities and encourage them to have roles in their communities through social and health programs.
The President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID) recently released its 2017 Report, "America's Direct Support Workforce Crisis: Effects on People with Intellectual Disabilities, Families, Communities and the U.
In an effort to promote social inclusion through sports, Special Olympics' Unified Sports Program brings together people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team; they train together and play together.
In 2002, the Supreme Court ruled that executing people with intellectual disabilities is unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment, but it left it up to the states to determine how to qualify the condition.
The children with hearing loss studies in grades like children without hearing loss, but the children with intellectual disabilities are divided in training level 1 and 2 and above according to their intellectual capabilities.
Cosmopolitan Industries is a valuable organization that provides services and supports that benefit individuals with intellectual disabilities, Merriman said.
Intellectual disabilities are often caused by a mutation that damages a gene responsible for protein production in cells thus preventing the associated protein from functioning properly.
He stressed on the need for the transitional service centres for people with intellectual disabilities through constant communication with parents to involve them in developing and implementing Transitional Plans.
Psychological First Aid for People With Intellectual Disabilities Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse: A Step-By-Step Programme
Michael Milano of Apex has tirelessly volunteered by providing free dental exams, arranging follow-up care, recruiting more than 1,000 dental professionals, writing grants, publishing related peer-reviewed research, and presenting medical education to improve dental care and smiles for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
It involves what happens to us as a private and individual experience (erlebnisse) recorded by memory, that can be communicated by reportable narrative, thereby becoming a shared experience (erfarhung); such as the experience of a mother caring for a child with intellectual disabilities.