Intelligence office

an office where information may be obtained, particularly respecting servants to be hired.

See also: Intelligence

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She was taken to the Army Intelligence office in Nabatieh.
The second contract supports a portion of SPAWAR s Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence office in San Diego.
The Najran Border Guards Command Center and its intelligence office as well as Alab military base in Dhahran also came under the attacks of Ansarullah's missile and artillery fires.
Local Palestinian sources said that a number of Palestinian youth were arrested in the old city of Jerusalem, and others were called to the Israeli intelligence office.
The occupation forces also physically attacked two members of the Shawaheen family, and gave one of them a notice to visit the Israeli intelligence office.
The Australian Federal Police and Australian Security and Intelligence Office conducted several anti-terrorism raids in Sydney and Brisbane.
The senior intelligence office later conferred to me in a face-to-face meeting on May 9 that my name was on a hit list together with other persons.
One of the most troubling instances occurred last week when James Clapper, director of the national intelligence office, quietly posted an order barring officials at 17 federal intelligence agencies from speaking to journalists about unclassified intelligence-related topics without permission.
In addition to the Defense Intelligence Agency, each branch of the armed forces has its own intelligence office or agency.
Describing what led to her son's arrest and his death sentence, Tavana's mother told ICHRI, "Three years ago, one of my son's friends called the Mashhad Intelligence Office and told them that my son had information at his home that was 'anti-revolutionary' and 'against the Supreme Leader.
The program includes equipping the organization with new cameras and an automated intelligence office which will improve the identification of vehicles and integrate data from many sources (stolen vehicles, arrest orders, and relevant reports).
In separate violence in the restive south, where Al-Qaeda militants and secessionists are active, gunmen shot dead an army intelligence office and two soldiers, security officials said.

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