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This looks like a coded message to Opec, a shot across the bows before the June meeting," said Bill Farren-Price of Petroleum Policy Intelligency.
The US military and Central Intelligency Agency regularly use drones to launch missile strikes in Afghanistan and in Pakistan's lawless tribal belt but do not generally confirm attacks.
Jughashvili denied that Lenin disrespected the workers but insisted that the historical leaders of socialism had undeniably been intelligency.
Prosecutors are seeking a 13-year jail term for Jeff Castelli and Nicolo Pollari, former chiefs of the CIA and the Italian intelligency agency (SISMI) respectively.
The PASSUR Landing Fee Management System programme and Airport Management Business Intelligency Reports allow airports to control revenue from landing fees by providing them with independent, standardised and accurate information tools that ensure complete revenue capture, quicker revenue recognition and payment and effective forecasting and analysis.
Sources: The World Factbook 2003, Central Intelligency (All figures are 2002 estimates unless otherwise noted.
which provides Web-based, ready-to-use, business and industry information to professionals who need quick access to reliable corporate, industry, and market intelligency.
Eighteen members of the Territorial Army's 23 Military Intelligency Company, based in Edinburgh, are part of a contingent of 140 specialist reservists to be sent to Afghanistan.
The Multiple Benefits of Competitor Intelligency, The Journal of Business Strategy, 9, 3, 1988, pp.
based lawyer, had served as special counsel to the Central Intelligency Agency in the mid-1970s when the agency was under Congressional scrutiny for domestic spying and lethal covert operations.
The Central Intelligency Agency, the National Security Agency, the State Department, the Secret Service, and several other agencies do their own security clearances.
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