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Partiallycloudy to cloudy skies are expected to prevail on Monday with a slight drop intemperature hitting three degrees Celsius above the annual average.
In the short run, it says, the increase intemperature is expected to affect the wheat productivity but in the long term it will have a positive effect on it.
Walpole the Jesuite (21) the intemperature of whose harte is not to bee contained within his lippes) yesterday in a Discourse with a man of myne (whom sometymes I vse to vnlocke him & to drawe some parte of his intelligence and intencions from him) said plainely vnto him, yt if your Lordshipe were taken out of the way the authoritie and guidinge of the Estate should with more equall distribucion descend vnto other Lords of Councell more temperate and better disposed in religeon hee proceeded with a greate deprauation of your late answeare to ye admonitorie Lettre; (22) Said if there were not meanes found otherwise to shorten your Course, you would perhaps liue to see the end of others who (your Lordshipe beeinge taken away) might doe some good to the Church.
intemperature of an hot climate, though it also may be some furtherance
Weather forecaster Hisham Shraba told SANA thattemperatures will slightly drop as the current high air pressure will recede, while a lowair pressure will prevail in the upper layers of the atmosphere, causing a drop intemperatures on Wednesday and Thursday.
Another slight decrease intemperatures is expected.
FFKM, Perfluoroelastomer offers the best temperature resistance with some grades capable of operating intemperatures up to 230[degrees]C.