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Noun1.interest expense - interest paid on loans
disbursal, disbursement, expense - amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax deductible (as opposed to capital expenditures)
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A corporate general partner or any limited partner cannot allocate its share of partnership interest expenses between foreign- and U.
Tax Executives Institute appreciates this opportunity to present its views on the proposed regulations relating to the use of an alternative tax book value method for allocating and apportioning interest expenses under section 861 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Meanwhile, retailers with weak credit quality could see rising interest expenses.
Section 163(j), in force since July 10, 1989, says affected companies are not allowed to deduct interest expenses paid to their foreign parent companies.
Any expenses, including statutory interest expenses, incurred by H in making this determination--if actual, necessary and allowable under Texas law--were thus incurred in the administration of the decedent's estate.
Thus, accurate accounting (including tax accounting) requires the matching of expenses with income directly related to them and, here, the direct relation is obvious: Target's assets and income are really paying the interest expenses (and the principal).
As a result, the interest expenses of the financial services business no longer reduced the foreign source income of the manufacturing business.
CHTR expects to use the proceeds from the offering to pay interest expenses and for general corporate purposes.
2056(b)-4(a) requires the marital deduction to be reduced to the extent administrative and interest expenses are paid out of estate income.
The savings in interest expenses over the past five years has allowed the company to accelerate the pace of its capital improvements and continue to provide its growing customer base with quality water at reasonable costs.
In computing interest expense to be apportioned in the computation of the CTI, Bowater netted interest income against interest expenses.
Since 2001, we have cut our debt by almost $500 million and reduced annual interest expenses by approximately $80 million.