Interest policy

a policy that shows by its form that the assured has a real, substantial interest in the matter insured.

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Many disagree with Bank governor Mervyn King on interest policy, as they do strongly on other matters that he has pronounced upon.
Other requirements include having researchers complete training related to the regulations and their institution's financial conflict of interest policy and requiring institutions to make certain information about conflicts of interest among senior personnel accessible to the public.
Bank Indonesia has pledged to maintain low interest policy to spur economic development in 2012.
If you have an employee handbook, put your conflict of interest policy in there and make it very specific--leaving no room for gray areas.
Federal Reserve Board may roll out third round of quantitative easing policy (QE3) at its interest policy meeting on September 12.
The book is likely to interest policy makers, academics, researchers, and government officials involved in forest and environmental regulation.
It is extremely important, then, for the nonprofit organization to have in place before issues arise a conflict of interest policy and related procedure for addressing potential conflicts.
The company was riddled with conflicts," Koehn says, "What's the point of having a conflict of interest policy if you're going to overturn it when an executive asks?
Early in 1999, management responsibility for the conflict of interest policy, which had been in effect since 1993, was transferred to the Office of the Vice President for Research, and the vice president was charged with the task of formulating a new, updated conflict of interest policy.
So, while interest policy most probably will be effective this time, the next downturn could be more difficult to fight with interest rate cuts alone.
Pridiyathorn, who was appointed last week to replace the outspoken Chatumongol Sonakul after a rift over interest policy between the bank and the government, said his monetary measures would not aim to boost economic growth but to stabilize the money system.
Implement a conflict of interest policy requiring disclosure by directors and officers of actual and potential conflicts, and addressing to what extent the individual can continue to participate in a board meeting.