n.1.(Law) One of the contestants in interference before the Patent Office.
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Mohamed Ycoubi, Wali par interim de la region de Tanger-Tetouan a tire le tapis sous les pieds de Fouad El Omari, Maire de Tanger et l'un des dirigeants du PAM, en interferant dans la gestion des affaires communales devant un mutisme incomprehensible du Maire, ce qui a suscite, selon une source informee, la colere des membres de la majorite qui gerent le conseil de la ville suite a ce changement de comportement du Wali qui a fait fi des regles de la Charte communale et ignore les elus du conseil.
Hormis les pathologies interferant avec la grossesse, une femme n'est pas plus sujette aux fausses couches qu'une autre.
La chimiotherapie associee a la radiotherapie agit comme agent radiosensibilisant en interferant avec les processus de reparation cellulaire apres irradiation[sup.
La demarche de l'anthropologue a au moins deux particularites interferant avec ce propos.
This calculation would have rapidly provided a clue that the peak represented an interferant rather than tryptophan.
Salicylate is not clearly stated as an interferant of Cl in the Roche manuals but, when contacted, persons at the company concurred that salicylate will cause some interference with the Cl method.
Apparently, the falsely increased serum estradiol by direct assay was caused by some water-soluble interferant that could be removed by a simple organic solvent extraction.
Possible cross-interference with quantitation of codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, and hydromorphone was assessed by adding to urine samples containing each analyte at the cutoff concentration of 300 [micro]g/L another 10 000 [micro]g/L of each potential interferant.
In these studies, conducted with more than 3,000 samples over a six-year period, the technology demonstrated greater than 99 percent accuracy in the presence of interferants and near neighbors of the pathogens to be detected.
Unlike other known antibiotic interferants, nafcillin is colorless and lacks protein and lipid components.
The goal of the sample preparation step is to prepare the sample for instrumental analysis while maintaining the high recovery of the analytes but separating them from the lipids and from other coextracted potential interferants.