producer goods

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producer goods

Goods, such as raw materials and tools, used to make consumer goods.

producer goods


producer's goods

pl n
(Economics) other terms for capital goods

produc′er goods`
goods, as machinery or raw materials, that are used in the process of creating consumer goods.
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Double-digit increases in the importation of raw materials and intermediate goods, capital, and consumer goods kept Philippine merchandise imports afloat in September 2015, according to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA).
With it they can buy equipment or intermediate goods and employ more people," said Gruevski.
Importers are still demanding the availability of dollars to be able to import food, medicine, intermediate goods and production requirements
7%), followed by industries producing intermediate goods (31.
The number of employees in industry by Main Industrial Groupings in February 2014, in comparison with February 2013, was higher in intermediate goods industries, except energy by 0.
Interpreting Young, as Stigler (1951) noted, what distinguishes the underdeveloped countries from the developed ones is the degree and sophistication of the intermediate goods production (see also, Huang, et al 2004).
Only producers of intermediate goods saw an increase of 0.
exports to China are intermediate goods, while final goods represent 75 percent of Chinese exports to the United States; these data support the notion that Chinese production is typically at the end of the product supply chain in global production networks.
By segment, sales of capital goods fell 5% on the month in May, while sales of durable and intermediate goods declined 4.
At the earlier stages of processing, according to the report, prices received by manufacturers of intermediate goods declined 0.
At the earlier stages of processing, prices received by manufacturers of intermediate goods declined 0.
The donation consists of intermediate goods for building a modern green house for raising crops.

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