pars intermedia

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: intermedia - a thin piece of tissue that has become part of the posterior pituitary
ductless gland, endocrine gland, endocrine - any of the glands of the endocrine system that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream
neurohypophysis, pars nervosa, posterior pituitary, posterior pituitary gland - the posterior lobe of the pituitary body; primarily glandular in nature
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3/2]; the largest and smallest lobes (sienna) have positive phase, the intermediate lobe (plum) has a negative phase.
The intermediate lobe lies in and around the posterior lobe, lateral maxilla and anterior lobe.
Compared to the intermediate lobe (IL), an intense vimentin-IR was observed in the hypophysis nervous lobe (NL) with the labelling of filamentous structures identified as pituicytes processes (Fig.

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