Intermediate state

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(Theol.) the state or condition of the soul between the death and the resurrection of the body.

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He was in an intermediate state between sleeping and waking; at variance with himself, with his company, with the country, and with the government.
Among their topics are enigmatic experimentiality in the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Dido's words: representing speech and consciousness in ancient and medieval narrative, historiographic discourse and narratology: a footnote to Monika Fludernik's work on factual narrative, how to stay healthy and foster well-being with narratives: where narratology and salutogenesis could meet, and the intermediate state between good and bad company: managing leisure in Francis Brooke's The Excursion.
Maryland Court of Special Appeals judges rank 19th among intermediate state appellate courts, the commission found.
The construction project is divided into the following two subareas, Which are spatially separated: - development of a farm road as a construction road from the valley bridge (tb) "kulmrich" to the k 28, - construction of feeder as sontra center from k28 to pwc plant in intermediate state.
This observation, combined with the transcriptomic data, meant that cells transition through an intermediate state before becoming 2-cell-like cells.
Jesse Teigen, a fifth-grader and 2016 Oregon Intermediate state champion and 2017 state runner-up, placed third in the 10-and-under heavyweight division.
An intermediate state is also quite common: We put ourselves into an environment where what grabs our attention is likely to be worth our while.
As protein folding proceeds, the peak intensity for the native state increases, whereas that for the I2 intermediate state decreases.
In such instances, there is a wide "gray zone" of speciation - an intermediate state in which it is hard to distinguish one species from the other, and within which interbreeding is still possible to some extent.
Let us assume that at some intermediate state, before the allocation in the vortex tube form, Y-contour still maintains its momentum (the unit charge).
For the Riemann problem (1) and (3), the intermediate state ([u.
MCI is an intermediate state between normal cognitive aging and dementia, and people with MCI are at a higher risk for Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

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