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adv.1.With intermissions; at intervals.
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0x20 The Wigness well, which was put on production on February 16, 2013, has produced intermittingly because of gas lock issues and the Company is currently evaluating options to curtail this problem.
Practical solidarity was confined to intermittingly supporting campaigns against rising prices and offering occasional solidarity to a few militant unions.
The AFM height and EFM main-phase images were recorded during the first pass when the AFM probe was intermittingly contacted with the sample surface, while surface potential and EFM phase images were recorded during the second pass when the conductive probe was raised above the sample at a fixed distance (e.
The sunset for starters, before the storm got into its stride, was spectacular, with only the low bulk of the island of Raasay interrupting a clear view to the west as the sky turned multiple shades of orange then blazing red, before fading into darkness with bright stars intermittingly appearing as the heavy sleetfilled clouds rolled in.
CPI could have been contained to single digit if the electricity charges had not been raised intermittingly during the recently concluded fiscal," an analyst said.
From then until March 2009, M intermittingly engaged with social services including an occasion when she presented to them with B inappropriately dressed, requesting financial and housing assistance.
LAHORE, February 07, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The Lahorites heaved a sigh of relief as the long awaited, prayed for rain returned to city and drizzle fell intermittingly the whole day bringing an end to the dry spell on Sunday.
But Cohen, in all records of this performance, remains the mute--although he does interact, externally through three specific handshakes given to three squatters who embrace or protect him from the anarchic edge of destruction; and also internally through the rhythm of his gait: intermittingly moving through the spoiled African landscape on black patent leather, high-heel shoes that seem to suggest, at least from the back, two African zebra ambling through the pastoral African veldt.
Tall and striking, she opened the first night on the main stage with some searing Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker and Buddy Guy tunes, intermittingly using a stiletto-heeled boot to tap the pedal on her fuzz box.
And of all the mega-watts intermittingly produced, how many power station generated mega-watts will be reduced?
Specific signs will be equipped with an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant audio component allowing passengers with disabilities to hear what is being displayed on the sign intermittingly.