Internal gear

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(Mach.) a gear in which the teeth project inward from the rim instead of outward.

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With a lower handwarmer pocket, two Napoleon chest pockets and an internal gear pocket, the jacket offers easy access to your bowhunting essentials plus an opening for your safety harness.
The proprietary technology includes a complex internal gear system remotely activated and controlled by permanent magnets.
The manual operator features internal gear limit stops that guide the plug's orientation and prevent premature deterioration.
Inspection revealed left magneto's plastic gear shaft was worn, allowing internal gear to vibrate in forward and aft directions.
A new and innovative internal gear pump which can be driven by standard electric motors, without the need for a gearbox, is the latest addition to the established range of Viking pumps.
There's a Shimano Alfine Di-2 11-speed internal gear hub at the back with electronic shifting, and a belt-drive instead of a chain (requiring no maintenance, they say).
Internal gear options include a universal seal pump.
Bordino redesigned the internal gear pump mechanism inside whipped-style ice cream machines, which was previously made of metal.
Interchangeable with 95% of the internal gear pumps on the market, EnviroGear G Series pumps allow easy equipment upgrades with no piping changes, no driver changes, no coupling changes, no flow rate changes and no baseplate changes.
The new "Hygienic Series" Internal Gear Pumps are the easy-maintenance solution for pumping food.
A competitive basic price is reached by minimising internal gear, so fridges and hot water are among the options.
Hero Motors is also mulling localizing the production of key components like internal gear hubs, electric drive units and front forks that are currently being imported for manufacturing purposes.