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 (bănd′wĭdth′, -wĭth′)
1. The numerical difference between the upper and lower frequencies of a band of electromagnetic radiation, especially an assigned range of radio frequencies.
2. The amount of data that can be passed along a communications channel in a given period of time.


1. (Electronics) the range of frequencies within a given waveband used for a particular transmission
2. (Electronics) the range of frequencies over which a receiver or amplifier should not differ by more than a specified amount
3. (Telecommunications) the range of frequencies used in a specific telecommunications signal


(ˈbændˌwɪdθ, -ˌwɪtθ)

1. the smallest range of electronic frequencies constituting a band, within which a particular signal can be transmitted without distortion.
2. the transmission capacity of an electronic communications device.


The difference between the limiting frequencies of a continuous frequency band expressed in hertz (cycles per second). The term bandwidth is also loosely used to refer to the rate at which data can be transmitted over a given communications circuit. In the latter usage, bandwidth is usually expressed in either kilobits per second or megabits per second.
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Noun1.bandwidth - a data transmission ratebandwidth - a data transmission rate; the maximum amount of information (bits/second) that can be transmitted along a channel
information measure - a system of measurement of information based on the probabilities of the events that convey information


[ˈbændwɪdθ] nlargeur f de bande
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