v. t.1.To interrupt, break in upon, or intercede with.
I am interpelled by many businesses.
- Howell.
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In the Kenya Gazette notice of November 10, the interested buyers were asked to view the goods held at the port police and several Container Freight Stations in Mombasa among them Interpel on December 28 and 29.
Joint ventures such as RL and Mitsui Co Ltd, Darian Ports Co Ltd and China Roads and Bridges Corporation, PSA Terminal Marubeni Corporation and Multiple Hauliers EA Ltd and SSA Port Terminals and Interpel Investment Ltd have also expressed interest in the tender.
Addressing Interpel 81st General Assembly Ministerial Conference in Rome Italy, the minister said despite modern gadgets, funds, state organs, law enforcement agencies, we are still have not been able to actually control terrorism, said a press release.