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v. in·ter·posed, in·ter·pos·ing, in·ter·pos·es
a. To insert or introduce between parts: The ice interposes a barrier between the harbor and the islands.
b. To place (oneself) between others or things.
2. To introduce or interject (a comment, for example) during discourse or a conversation. See Synonyms at introduce.
3. To exert (influence or authority) in order to interfere or intervene: interpose one's veto.
1. To come between things; assume an intervening position.
2. To come between the parties in a dispute; intervene.
3. To insert a remark, question, or argument.

[French, from Old French interposer, to intervene, alteration (influenced by poser, to put, place) of Latin interpōnere, to put between : inter-, inter- + pōnere, to put; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

in′ter·pos′al n.
in′ter·pos′er n.
in′ter·po·si′tion (-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.


1. something interposed
2. the act of interposing or the state of being interposed


(ˌɪn tər pəˈzɪʃ ən)

1. the act of interposing or the state of being interposed.
2. something interposed.
3. the doctrine that an individual state of the U.S. may oppose any federal action it believes encroaches on its sovereignty.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin interpositiō=interposi-, variant s. of interpōnere to place between]
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Noun1.interposition - the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts
disruption, interruption, gap, break - an act of delaying or interrupting the continuity; "it was presented without commercial breaks"; "there was a gap in his account"
2.interposition - the act or fact of interposing one thing between or among others
locating, positioning, emplacement, location, placement, position - the act of putting something in a certain place
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For my analysis of interpositioning as an economic phenomenon, see infra Part III.
For the SEC's view on interpositioning as fraud, see infra notes 222-225 and accompanying text.
The NYSE Division of Enforcement at that time indicated that the activity under review for interpositioning amounted in the aggregate to approximately $5 million for the three-year period 2000-2002 and covered trading in all LaBranche Specialist stocks.
Thin individuals also undergo an ileal interpositioning, a procedure where the final section of the small intestine is placed closer to the stomach, which further helps to control blood sugar levels, Padmakumar said.
Multifocality and multicentricity were diagnosed on pathological criteria when interpositioning tissue was free of in situ or infiltrating neoplasia.
It is not clear in this study whether all of these tumours were resected en bloc, hence removing interpositioning tumour, or whether multiple lumpectomies were done with the risk of leaving disease in between the various tumour foci.
The basic consideration underlying both trading ahead and interpositioning is that specialists' "are required to hold the public's interests above their own.
Compared with current standard repair techniques--direct suturing or interpositioning a nerve transplant from another part of the patient's body--bioresorbable nerve guides have proven far superior, Polyganics claims.
These include unarmed accompaniment of local activists, monitoring human rights abuses, being a "presence" in areas of conflict, and nonviolent interpositioning.
The complaint further alleges that by engaging in "interpositioning," the Specialist Defendants caused public investors (including plaintiff and the Class) to incur damages by allegedly depriving them of the sale price for their stock that they would have realized had the Specialist Defendants properly matched orders rather than engaging in interpositioning in order to lock in a riskless profit.
The specialists' interpositioning themselves between public sellers and buyers of stock for their own benefit constituted a violation of various provisions of the federal securities laws, pursuant to which monetary relief is being sought.
Both trading ahead and interpositioning result in the specialist improperly profiting by the amount of the spread between the trades of its two customers.