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adv.1.By interpretation.
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And even the strongest preference for rules (or, for that matter, the strongest preference for standards) will surely give way when the only available rules (or standards) are interpretatively implausible.
But in other Cases of human Law's and human legislators according to the various Constitutions (a) of Government and the various pacts and contracts, that either at first or in Proces of time intervened between the Governors and Governed, it may fall out that the Governor (b) not only civilly, but by the Law of God himself may be bound by his own Law's because the Governors in such cases are bound under that soveraign Law of fides servanda as well as the Govern'd, if such pactions can sufficiently appear either by the pacts themselves or by long usage interpretatively evidenceing them.
In his book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains, Nicholas Carr argues that while browsing the internet for information might make us better at multi-tasking, it "diminishes the ability to sustain focus and think interpretatively.
Either genre, playtext or film script, could thus readily be described as a "struttura che vuol essere altra struttura" and theater can again be seen to fit with one of Pasolini's key artistic priorities of the late 1960s, namely the composition of interpretatively open literary texts.
Burgio's work provides the best of both: systematic, informed by multiple disciplines, interpretatively nuanced, and very well presented.
The normative framework of the right to education has also been usefully interpretatively elaborated upon by the U.
At times interpretatively and technically demanding, these compositions--full of innate melodic charm, harmonic richness, rhythmic vitality, and structural perfection--ought to be attractive to classical pianists, and thus should provide a delightful addition to their repertoires.
The results are mixed; while some of the articles combine narratological concepts with other frames of interpretative reference to powerful effect, or subject narratological practice to critical examination through its application to texts, others recycle traditional lines of approach with little regard for recent theoretical developments in narratology and elsewhere, resulting in pieces which are neither interpretatively incisive nor narratologically illuminating.
His intent, successfully achieved, is interpretatively to "place" the Socrates whom we meet in the Republic within the context of Plato's entire corpus.
Thus, spatiality is always interpretatively understood, expressed within a configuration of discursive practices and by means of a certain discursive genre, thrown in the average everydayness, and temporalized.
Here he appears much more at ease in the role--physically, vocally and interpretatively.
Also the Multimedia Centre in Secovlje Salina Nature Park in Slovenia is interpretatively enriched with 3D printed models.