Interstate Highway System

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In′terstate High′way Sys`tem

a network of U.S. highways, begun in the 1950s, connecting the 48 contiguous states and most cities with populations above 50,000.
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The reality of this debilitating scenario is examined in "Be Prepared to Stop," a documentary film about the failing US Interstate Highway System.
Thousands of American workers would spend day after day laying down cement to build the national interstate highway system.
Higher government spending could stimulate the economy further, assuming that it generates a level of inspiration like that of the Interstate Highway System.
The Interstate Highway System is too important to the American economy to be burdened with new tolls.
TravelCenters of America operates and franchises a network of travel centres along the US Interstate Highway system.
0: Modernizing the Interstate Highway System via Toll Finance report "a serious effort to examine the costs of reconstructing and widening our 50 year old Interstate highway system using all-electronic tolling.
The site and terminal facility offer proximity to the Interstate highway system, including a nearby under-construction interchange, as well as rail access.
Rick Perry at a news conference Wednesday to tout the early progress in developing the Texas portion of a new interstate highway system while warning that more funding was needed for the $16 billion project to continue.
At the time of NCHRP's founding in 1962, construction of the interstate highway system was already underway, and traditional highway problems were becoming much more complex.
Events are diverse and range from legislation to publication of seminal texts such as the Wealth of Nations to infrastructure achievements such as the railroad and interstate highway system.
Then there was the catastrophic Interstate Highway System, which was not built to make your trip to the beach go faster.
The major exception to this rule was the Interstate Highway System.

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