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a.1.Between the transverse processes of the vertebræ.
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A Prospective Study Comparing Decompression with Decompression and Intertransverse Process Arthrodesis.
This was not statistically significant, but the presence of bridging bone across the intertransverse process region was dissimilar.
The interconnected high porous structure of hydroxyapatite seems to be promising for the environment of posterolateral lumbar intertransverse process spine fusion (PLF) in the point of producing fusion mass with higher cellular viability (109,110).
Ureteral injury after inadvertent violation of the intertransverse space during posterior lumbar diskectomy: a case report.
Eighteen tender points were; the suboccipital muscle insertions, the anterior aspects of the intertransverse spaces at C5-C7, the midpoint of the upper border of trapezius muscle, origins of supraspinatus muscle above the scapula spine near the medial border, second rib at the second costochondral junctions, just lateral to the junctions on upper surfaces, lateral epicondyle at 2 cm distal to the epicondyle, gluteal region in upper outer quadrants of buttocks in anterior fold of muscle, greater trochanter, medial fat pad proximal to the knee joint line bilaterally.