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n.1.An introducer.
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De este modo, el elemento musical parece desempenar el papel de introductor de reflexiones y cuestionamientos en torno al origen de un orden reconocible.
in her introductor r yr remarksr to the BBC Cardiffr Singer of the World final, Radio Cymru's' Beti Georger dryl ryl remarker dthatSir Tom was in the "wrongr place at the wrongr time".
la variedad de verbos introductores es abundante y rica en el espanol; pero conviene hacer notar que no es necesario que haya verbo introductor para que haya estilo directo .
35% Introductor bonus until 01/03/99 ** Rate includes 0.
Introductor y offer: Not standard but discounts on special days.
Contract awarded for Nre warehouse stock november - hemosuc, blade scalpel, introductor, syringe, strips, foil teflan, pencil godiva, lens phototherapy, blood line, manga laparoscopy, blanket heater, mascariila respiratory
Top Gun of the day was Gary King of Stormking Plastics, who impressed participants with 48 out of a possible 50 clays, and the venue's introductors judged Anita Hayes from the Crown Prosecution Service most improved shot.
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