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intuitionalism, intuitionism.

1. Metaphysics. the doctrine that the reality of perceived external objects is known intuitively, without the intervention of a representative idea.
2. Metaphysics. the doctrine that knowledge rests upon axiomatic truths discerned intuitively.
3. Ethics. the doctrine that moral values and duties can be perceived directly. Also called intuitivism. — intuitionalist, intuitionist, n.
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To some extent it is an 'anti-color color,' used to connote intuitionalism versus a color used to create an appealing and welcoming environment.
Waldman argues for ethical intuitionalism as the basis of mediation ethics.
In the Common Sense School, Bate locates the "distinctively British yoking of empiricism and intuitionalism, so frequently present in the whole of British philosophy" (151-52) or "[t]he peculiarly British conception that intuition is directed to the concrete, and attains insight by means of the empirically known," which passes directly into Romantic thought.