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An Inuit language of Canada. It is the official language of Nunavut and Nunavik.

[Inuit Inuktitut (literally, "like the Inuit, in Inuit fashion") : inuk, human being + -titut, like, similar to.]


(Languages) Canadian the language of the Inuit
[from Inuktitut inuk man + titut speech]


(ɪˈnʊk tɪˌtʊt, ɪˈnyʊk-)

the group of Inuit dialects spoken by Eskimos of central and E arctic Canada.
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The tests were administered in Inuktituk by a retired Inuit teacher with previous training and experience in administering neuropsychological assessments.
While they publish in Inuktituk and other northern dialects, they see themselves as publishing not just Inuit authors but as publishing Nunavummiut authors (those from the entire northern community).
And Nunavut is working hard to get itself out from under the Alberta school curriculum, which shapes Arctic schools in a way that undermines Inuktituk and an integrated northern life.
Cultural differences, however, including linguistic and orthographic (the Roman alphabet is used for Inuktituk in the west, syllabics in the east), and differing views on claim settlement, led the Inuvialiut "Committee for Original People's Entitlement" (COPE) to split from the Nunavut group.