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An Inuit language of Canada. It is the official language of Nunavut and Nunavik.

[Inuit Inuktitut (literally, "like the Inuit, in Inuit fashion") : inuk, human being + -titut, like, similar to.]


(Languages) Canadian the language of the Inuit
[from Inuktitut inuk man + titut speech]


(ɪˈnʊk tɪˌtʊt, ɪˈnyʊk-)

the group of Inuit dialects spoken by Eskimos of central and E arctic Canada.
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As a student of the Inuktitut language, Martin (English and film studies, U.
Another unique aspect of our legal system is that once Nunavut's new Official Languages Act comes fully into force, the Inuktitut language versions of our legislation may be designated as equally authoritative as the English and French versions.
This generation is losing the Inuktitut language and culture.
In this environment, the Legislative Library works to build collections, deliver services and develop staff competencies in Inuktitut language and library skills.
Learning the Inuktitut language was a challenge, but using it through a matching game seemed to help.
The north/south split on the APTN board and the predominance of Inuktitut language programming has been a problem the network has been dealing with since the beginning.
The Inuktitut language of one Alaskan region has many words for the many kinds of snow that fall there.
The first film ever to be performed in the Inuktitut language, it's a cross between a cave painting and a Shakespearean tragedy.
From the beginning of the project, we were all overwhelmed by the responsibility of translating God's word into the Inuktitut language.
the Inuktitut language would eventually be the official language of work for all Nunavummiut).
Asuilaak will be fully searchable in Inuktitut, English, and French, and will serve as a translation reference and a repository of information on the Inuktitut language.