Inverse proportion

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an equality between a direct ratio and a reciprocal ratio; thus, 4 : 2 : : 1/3 : inversely.

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Thoughts of home grew stronger the nearer he approached it- far stronger, as though this feeling of his was subject to the law by which the force of attraction is in inverse proportion to the square of the distance.
Perhaps Harry and Meghan should beware Old Routers' First Law of Matrimony: the durability of the marriage is in inverse proportion to the fuss, expense and general fol-de-rol of the wedding.
Next is the roofline, which slopes gradually toward the tailgate in inverse proportion to the gently rising beltline, providing some coupe-like drama at the rear three-quarter section.
A FEW years ago, I was fortunate enough to holiday in the Caribbean, on one of those islands where squillionaires go to visit their taxes and the wealth of locals was in inverse proportion to the size of the Minister for Tourism's mansion.
Fox: 'My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance-and in inverse proportion to my expectations
The size of television is in roughly inverse proportion to the level one reached in education, I find.
Apple has admitted more than once this year that the sale of its star product, the iPhone, has been falling during two successive quarters; nearly in inverse proportion to that, Samsung, its main rival on smartphone front, has registered a surge in profit, thanks to its popular devices, Samsung Galaxy range.
For example, the size of, well, something, is in inverse proportion to the size of a man's brains.
She's taking inspiration from the bravery of the UK split -- which has caused racist attacks to spike in inverse proportion to crashing markets -- to call for a similar referendum in France.
Bush wants to remove Rubio from the presidential field in particular because Rubio is getting traction in inverse proportion to the degree that Bush is losing it.
All Other Price Proposals Will Receive Points In Inverse Proportion To The Lowest Price; E.
But the dwindling numbers appear to be in inverse proportion to the demand for memories of those halcyon Sixties days.