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This can result in symptoms similar to Wobblers disease because obesity may cause eventual arthritis, hip dysplasia, invertebral disc disease, torn ligaments and other progressive forms of damage.
University of Manchester scientists have discovered how to permanently replace the workings of the invertebral disc.
A one-percentage-point decrease in the unemployment rate significantly increases the prevalence of medical problems, acute morbidities, restricted-activity days, bed days, ischemic heart disease, and invertebral disc disorders.
When we're born, the invertebral disc is made up of about 80 per cent water, which gives it its sponginess and allows it to function as an efficient shock absorber.
It can also arise directly or indirectly from the invertebral discs, often occurs when nerves, normally protected by the spine, are compressed.
There is currently no effective treatment for invertebral disc repair and this minimally-invasive ambulatory treatment potentially represents a breakthrough and cost-effective solution for discogenic back pain.
Thanks to Frederick's successful comeback after his battle with invertebral disc disease, the Smiths founded YourDogHealth.