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v. in·vest·ed, in·vest·ing, in·vests
1. To commit (money or capital) in order to gain a financial return: invested their savings in stocks and bonds.
a. To spend or devote for future advantage or benefit: invested much time and energy in getting a good education.
b. To devote morally or psychologically, as to a purpose; commit: "Men of our generation are invested in what they do, women in what we are" (Shana Alexander).
3. To endow with authority or power: The Constitution invests Congress with the power to make laws.
4. To install in office with ceremony: invest a new emperor.
5. To provide with an enveloping or pervasive quality: "A charm invests a face / Imperfectly beheld" (Emily Dickinson).
6. Archaic
a. To clothe; adorn.
b. To cover completely; envelop.
c. To surround with troops or ships; besiege.
1. To make investments or an investment: invest in real estate.
2. To purchase with the expectation of benefit: We decided to invest in a new car.

[From Italian investire and from French investir, both from Latin investīre, to clothe, surround : in-, in; see in-2 + vestīre, to clothe (from vestis, clothes; see wes- in Indo-European roots).]

in·vest′a·ble, in·vest′i·ble adj.
in·ves′tor n.
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Noun1.investing - the act of investinginvesting - the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit
arbitrage - a kind of hedged investment meant to capture slight differences in price; when there is a difference in the price of something on two different markets the arbitrageur simultaneously buys at the lower price and sells at the higher price
finance - the commercial activity of providing funds and capital
foreign direct investment - investing in United States businesses by foreign citizens (often involves stock ownership of the business)
leveraging, leverage - investing with borrowed money as a way to amplify potential gains (at the risk of greater losses)
bull - try to raise the price of stocks through speculative buying
buy into - buy stocks or shares of a company
pyramid - enlarge one's holdings on an exchange on a continued rise by using paper profits as margin to buy additional amounts
subscribe - offer to buy, as of stocks and shares; "The broker subscribed 500 shares"
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Investing a small sum which he had amassed since leaving his native village, in merchandise suited to the American market, he embarked, in the month of November, 1783, in a ship bound to Baltimore, and arrived in Hampton Roads in the month of January.
Alternative investing in general is becoming a bigger part of investment policy for more colleges and universities today.
While ERISA restricts traditional pension plans from investing more than 10% of plan assets in company stock, there is no similar restriction on 40 l(k) plans.
In his latest book, Profitable Socially Responsible Investing, Lane talks about how to make investments that reward companies that promote civil rights, including gay rights.
3 billion worth of metal produced in Ontario came from the North, so, the North should be investing about $75 million every year.
But before laying out cash in the hope of it growing, it's worth investing a little time to learn the basic language of the markets.
CONCEIVED AS A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR entering the complex world of investments south of the Rio Grande, this hook offers a rare message: not only can investing in Latin America generate huge profits, it can also reduce the level of general risk that investors often face.
In a March 1994 Gallup poll, for instance, 46 percent of those surveyed strongly agreed that taxes would have to be raised "dramatically" to pay Social Security benefits in the future; 74 percent said most people could get more money investing their payroll taxes privately rather than relying on Social Security; and 71 percent expected to get less out of Social Security at retirement than they put in during their working years.
The Turner International Core Growth Fund may be appropriate for institutional and affluent individual investors who seek the long-term growth of capital and can tolerate the share-price volatility of growth-oriented international equity investing.
Desmond Keyes was introduced to the world of investing when his father gave him seven shares of a utility company stock as a high school graduation gift in 1979.