Vincible ignorance

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(Theol.) ignorance within the individual's control and for which, therefore, he is responsible before God.

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Is there anyone not blinkered by ideology or invincibly ignorant of social science who disagrees with this?
Anyone who believes Greenpeace or, worse still, donates to this immensely rich organisation is invincibly ignorant.
In his Quaestiones disputatae de veritate, however, Aquinas had already considered the situation of someone being invincibly ignorant (although the precise phrase is not used) of the gospel.
He counters the opinion that war against the Indians is morally and legally justified because "they refuse to accept the faith of Christ, although it has been proposed to them, and they have been insistently admonished to accept it," (24) arguing instead that, due to certain mitigating factors, the Indians remain invincibly ignorant of the Christian proclamation.
ON THE QUESTION OF INNOCENCE, I have to say the makers of the latest superhero film, The Green Hornet, must be invincibly ignorant.