ionic bond

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ionic bond
In sodium chloride, a sodium atom (Na) donates an electron to a chlorine atom (Cl), forming an ionic bond.

ionic bond

A chemical bond between two ions with opposite charges, characteristic of salts. Also called electrovalent bond.

ionic bond

(Chemistry) another name for electrovalent bond

ion′ic bond′

the electrostatic bond between two ions formed through the transfer of one or more electrons.

i·on·ic bond

A chemical bond formed between two ions with opposite charges. Ionic bonds form when one atom gives up one or more electrons to another atom. These bonds can form between a pair of atoms or between molecules and are the type of bond found in salts. See more at bond, coordinate bond, covalent bond.
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Noun1.ionic bond - a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains an electron to form a negative ion
bond, chemical bond - an electrical force linking atoms
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By type, the market is categorized into solvents, buffers, derivatization reagents, and ion pair reagents.
form ion pair which interacts with membrane mainly by Na+ rather than [Cl.
In addition, the effects of soil dissolved ion pair were determined by use of MINTEQ geochemical software program.
Each TAD yielded 2 separate product ions with good intensity, either of which was suitable as a confirmation ion pair.
Samples were analyzed using atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-tandem mass spectrometry with one precursor-product ion pair being used for quantification and two precursor-product ion pairs being used for confirmation (Table 2).
In solvents with a low D that also lack the ability to solvate ions (hydrocarbons, halohydrocarbons) the interaction does not go beyond the initial hydrogen bond or contact ion pair formation.
Noriaki Nakagawa of Kanebo provided details of a study demonstrating that lactate and K+ as an ion pair play important roles in maintaining the physical properties of the stratum corneum.
The initiator ion pair proceeds to grow by successive addition of monomer molecules.
The values of ion pair concentrations were obtained from the computer program SOILSOLN and were transformed to activities using the ionic strength calculated with the same program.
8) we have reported that bulky triethylbenzyl cation forms a tight and stable ion pair with stearate anion, due to which the free stearate ion is undetectable in the IR spectra of the vulcanizate.
Second edition now contains five new chapters: ion pair receptors, molecular guests in solution, network solids, gels, and nanochemistry
According to a new market research report "Chromatography Reagents Market - {By Type[Solvents (HPLC Grade, GC Grade), Buffers, Derivatization Reagents (Silylation, Acylation), Ion Pair Reagents], By Application (Life Sciences, Environmental Testing)} - Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2020", published by MarketsandMarkets, the global Chromatography Reagents Market is expected to reach USD 6.