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Noun1.Ioway - a member of the Siouan people formerly living in Iowa and Minnesota and MissouriIoway - a member of the Siouan people formerly living in Iowa and Minnesota and Missouri
Siouan, Sioux - a member of a group of North American Indian peoples who spoke a Siouan language and who ranged from Lake Michigan to the Rocky Mountains
2.Ioway - a dialect of the Chiwere language spoken by the Iowa
Chiwere - the Siouan language spoken by the Iowa and Oto and Missouri
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They produced the regional Emmy[R] nominated documentaries "Letters Home to Hero Street" (with WQPT-PBS) and "Country School: One Room - One Nation"; and the award-winning films "Movie Star: The Secret Lives of Jean Seberg" (co-produced with Garry McGee), "Any Kid Anywhere: Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories" (co-produced with Braking Traffik), "Lost Nation: The Ioway 1, 2 & 3", and "Villisca: Living with a Mystery.
Great Walker" is a historical biography of an historic Ioway leader from the juvenile series titled Notable Missourians.
The first movie to show, "Lost Nation: The Ioway 2," screens at 7:50 p.
He's just a sailor, home from the sea, an Ioway sailor in dark wireframes over dark, expansive brows, dark tweed coat, dark slacks, turtleneck, dark bottle of Bourgogne.
Plymouth manager Ian Hoi Ioway on veteran striker Barry Hayles.
I tend to think that, because my own family tree holds the Ioway as well as Wampanoag tribe, my yearnings to come West are connected to a deeper impulse.
Near the end of the sequence, native peoples painted an elaborate composition on the rock-shelter wall that portrays the main characters of the Winnebago and Ioway legend of Red Horn (Salzer 1987: 456-67).
1 million related to the previously announced termination agreement entered into with the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma in May 2010 related to the Ioway Casino project.
Kelly and Tammy Rundle have produced a number of award-winning documentaries through their company Fourth Wall Films, including "Lost Nation: The Ioway 1, 2 & 3", and "Villisca: Living with a Mystery".
today with "Chumpi's Adventure," followed by "Lost Nation: The Ioway.
The musical is entertaining and features well-known songs such as It's A Grand Night For Singing,All I Owe Ioway,Our State Fair and You Never Had It so Good, which interjects with the happenings involving the Frake family.
9 million related to the project for the Ioway Casino with the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma ("Iowa Tribe").