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 (ĭf′ə-jə-nī′ə, -nē′ə)
n. Greek Mythology
The daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon, who was offered as a sacrifice by Agamemnon but rescued by Artemis. She later became a priestess.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the daughter of Agamemnon, taken by him to be sacrificed to Artemis, who saved her life and made her a priestess


(ˌɪf ɪ dʒəˈnaɪ ə, -ˈni ə)

(in Greek myth) a daughter of Agamemnon, who was sacrificed by her father to gain fair winds for the Greek ships bound for Troy: in some versions of the myth, Artemis halted the sacrifice at the last instant.
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Noun1.Iphigenia - (Greek mythology) the daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon; Agamemnon was obliged to offer her as a sacrifice to Artemis when the Greek fleet was becalmed on its way to Troy; Artemis rescued her and she later became a priestess
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


[ˌɪfɪdʒɪˈnaɪə] nIfigenia
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Thus Iphigenia is revealed to Orestes by the sending of the letter; but another act of recognition is required to make Orestes known to Iphigenia.
When that chronometer, which was surmounted by a cheerful brass group of the sacrifice of Iphigenia, tolled five in a heavy cathedral tone, Mr.
Iphigenia In Splott (March 11 and 12) is a play by Gary Owen inspired by the Iphigenia of Greek mythology who is sacrificed by her father, King Agamemnon.
24) Clytemnestra herself will refer to Atreid misuse and violation of ritual practice in her acerbic debate with Electra, recounting Agamemnon's deceptive summoning of their daughter, Iphigenia, to Aulis on the pretext of marriage to Achilles (1018-36).
It is the same sacrifice, according to the Greek legend, as when the Greeks sacrificed Iphigenia for favorable winds to blow so that they could embark on their ships in order to attack Troy.
Many contemporary playwrights have turned to re-visioning classical Greek plays and these contemporary works deal with those moments in various ways: compare Sarah Kane's Phaedra's Love with its enacted acts of sex and violence to Ellen McLaughlin's Iphigenia and Other Daughters, which uses an enigmatic absence of action to create dramatic tension.
Contractor address : Iphigenia 5 Metamorphosis Attica
Crimea was known in ancient times as Tauris (Tavrida in Russian), home to the tribes who took Iphigenia prisoner in Euripides' play Iphigenia in Tauris.
Meanwhile Dene continued to appear virtually every year in Leighton's paintings at the Royal Academy, for example as the wife in Wedded (1882), the alluring sleeping figure in Cymon and Iphigenia (1884; Fig.
The plan was to land commandos on the 'mole' and to sink three ships, the Thetis, Intrepid and Iphigenia, in the entrance to the port to prevent German ships and submarines from exiting into the North Sea.
Art Show Painter Iphigenia Burg with painter and cartoonist Jen Hemenway will talk about their work during their art show reception, 2-5 p.
That her fate, like those of Iphigenia and Britomartis, is prompted by an unthinkingly possessive man strengthens the connection.